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Thank you for ordering a copy of OITHv3.5! It is also available through Amazon, Borders and other great on-line booksellers but with really long wait times and you won't get a signed copy.

How to Order

Charge using PayPal, they're doing a great job with security. Each copy will be autographed.

US regular mail orders - OITHv3.5 special web price: $24.95 (reg. $29.99)
Shipping: add $2.50 (regular mail)
Illinois residents: add $2.12 state sales tax

International or priority US orders - OITHv3.5 special web price: US$24.95 (reg. $29.99)
Shipping: add US $7.50 for the 1st book, $7.00 for additional books.

Order through the publisher's website with credit cards:
Trafford Publishing ISBN 1-55369-662-X

For a personalized copy, send check, money order or use PayPal's "Send Money" option.

Peter Birren
1657 W Farwell Ave, #3C
Chicago IL 60626


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"Upon receipt of your book and going through it front to back, must say very much impressed. This little book has it all and is of use and benefit to any level star gazer.

You did a great job in the format and layout. I like the binocular symbol usage and the brief description or notable of each listed object with space for notes. In the back of book: Messier catalog along with listing by type, NGC list, info on stars and dates of meteor showers, plus charts!!!

Simple to use, well organized, easy to understand, everything needed right at your fingertips in portable size. You have definitely filled a void and this book will be greatly appreciated in the hands of anyone wanting to expand their search of the heavens.

My opinion: this book is a "Must" for any interested astronomer of any degree."

Rockne Berge, Oregon