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Available August 2017

The Cover:

Shown in the photo from the top down:
- NGC1977, a bright emission nebula
- M43, small reflection nebula next to M42
M42, the Orion Nebula. This marvelous deep-sky object is visible in the winter sky, just below the "belt" of The Hunter. It appears to the unaided eye as a "soft star." Some of the nebulosity (gaseous cloudiness) can be detected through binoculars. A 6-inch reflector shows the tiny Trapezium, 4 newly formed stars, in the bright middle.
- NGC 1980, the "Running Man" nebula/cluster surrounds Iot Orionis.

Photo by Naoyuki Kurita

OITH version 4 cover

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Last week I received a copy of Objects in the Heavens.

It’s the most exciting and useful field guide/atlas I have ever used.

Hard to believe so much info could be packed into a little book. I have The Pocket Sky Atlas and now teamed up with “OITH” is magical. I feel like I have an astronomer friend standing at my side guiding me to the beauty of the heavens.

Thank you for your hard work and bring this WONDERFUL book to the public!


- Jim Abenante