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Available August 2017

What's inside:

• 60 pages plus cover, lay-flat spiral-binding, digest size: 5.5" x 8.5"
• 25 goals pages with 2 sketching circles opposite (50 circles)
• Personal equipment and site fill-in details
• Spring, summer, fall and winter seasonal sky maps
• Observing questions for object types
• How to grade the sky: transparency, seeing and darkness
• plus room for additional notes

Sample spread:

Moon spread

Click to read what others have to say about OITH. For example:

"Two weeks ago I received my first copy of Objects in the Heavens. I had heard about it earlier, as I am a frequent reader and poster on Astronomy Forums and Joe Lalumia there mentions OITH quite often, but at the time it seemed too much for me. But then I saw an ad for it in the latest issue of The Reflector and checked it out again. I have only been "looking up" for a little over two years. Now I felt I was ready for this guide. All I can say is that it exceeded my expectations and has quickly become my constant companion as I plan sessions.

"In order to keep my interest going in astronomy and to add some structure to my viewing, I joined a couple of the Astronomical League's clubs. I tried to find some DSOs using my limited sources at that time and had no success. But with OITH, I found objects immediately! The notes as to which page in the S&T PSA are very helpful, as between your book and the PSA, I am ready to successfully hunt down these elusive targets.

"I really enjoy the format of the book and the layout. Now I can look up a constellation and learn what objects and wonders are there. So Thank You for putting this fieldbook together and making it available to us."

- Eric Johnson

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