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Reader reviews:


"If you could have just one field resource
which one should it be?

Read the entire review by Jim Barnett

OITH, you had me at "convenient at-the-scope use",
and delivered just what this observer needed
to enjoy my time at the eyepiece.
Well done. 

Read the entire review by John Kramer from At the Eyepiece

I always thought that the Pocket Sky Atlas was a great book, but it is an atlas, not an observing guide. If I want to know what the heck NGC1023 is, for example, I’d need to look it up in another reference. You solved that problem.

Alvin Huey
author of: Observing the Arp Peculiar Galaxies,
Hickson Observer's Guide and
Abell Planetary Observer's Guide

I consider (OITH) an indispensable part of my field gear.

Robert Gill
Bellaire TX, August 25, 2017

Of all the atlases and field books I own,
OITH is always my go-to for casual observing sessions
and for my bedtime reading and dreaming!

Mark Friedman

The most used astronomy book I have.

Jay Strange

I want to congratulate you on an excellent product.
It is thorough and an
excellent reference for an observer of any level.

Harry Lischer
Award-winning astronomy writer

After using it I can say that I like working with this book. At first glance it might seem a bit pricey, but if you ever tried to make an observing list with all this data, you will know better. I can recommend this pocket size, easy to use book, to both the beginning and the casual observer.

Math Heijen
webmaster for Backyard-Astro.com
(click to read his full review)

I carry your book in my eyepiece case. It is a great resource to have. I use digital setting circles and your handbook is extremely handy for cruising through the constellations.

Gordon Garcia
Northwest Suburban Astronomers

Just writing to thank you so much for sending your wonderful book,
"Objects in the Heavens."

What really attracted me to buying it was idea that all the readily visible DSO – for someone with a modest aperture scope – can be found in one book. Your book really fills a valuable niche. Previously I accumulated anything <11 mag from various lists into an MS Excel file, printed and slowly found what could be identified or not.
I also tried various binocular DSO books and tried sticking to Luginbuhl and Skiff's book on DSO with descriptions that start "with a 150mm…" But for someone with smallish scope in an urban setting, the former covers too few DSO and Luginbuhl and Skiffs included too many beyond this viewers reach. Your book is perfect!

Your book has so much information that is useful in the field.

You've produced a really special book that brings new enthusiasm to a Dob owner, by saying, "Look, there's all of these that you can find, too!"
Thank you again,

Karl M.
Yorkshire, UK

This is the best “at the scope” guide in existence.
Made all the better with the addition of the great moon capabilities.

Peter Kurtz
Cape Cod Astronomical Society

Two weeks ago I received my first copy of Objects in the Heavens. I had heard about it earlier, as I am a frequent reader and poster on Astronomy Forums and Joe Lalumia there mentions OITH quite often, but at the time it seemed too much for me. But then I saw an add for it in the latest issue of The Reflector and checked it out again. I have only been "looking up" for a little over two years. Now I felt I was ready for this guide. All I can say is that it exceeded my expectations and has quickly become my constant companion as I plan sessions.

In order to keep my interest going in astronomy, and to add some structure to my viewing, I joined a couple of the Astronomical League's clubs. I tried to find some DSOs using my limited sources at that time and had no success. But with OITH, I found objects immediately! The notes as to which page in the S&T PSA are very helpful, as between your book and the PSA, I am ready to successfully hunt down these elusive targets.

I really enjoy the format of the book and the layout. Now I can look up a constellation and learn what objects and wonders are there. So Thank You for putting this fieldbook together and making it available to us.

Eric Johnson

(1) The more I use this book, the better I like it. Some of the pocket guides you tend to out grow. This one will always lead you to something interesting.

It's a "must have"!

(2) So what's better, OITH or Pocket Sky Atlas? For a pocket guide, I greatly prefer Objects in the Heavens. This pocket guide is far more logically designed and contains much, much more information. I personally have purchased many of Peter's guides and given them as gifts to budding astronomers and each time they just seemed to know what to do with his book.

Chris Reich
The Etna Astros

I've upgraded your rating on Amazon from four stars to five. I really do use it all the time. I pull it out every time I am searching for my "Urban List" objects and I have used it to have fun finding other celestial sights I might otherwise miss.

George Reynolds
Deputy Commander, Tidewater South Section Royal Rangers;
Solar System Ambassador for South Hampton Roads, Virginia;
Member, Back Bay Amateur

I have the S&T Sky Atlas (and 4 other atlases as well), Webb's Celestial Objects for Common Telescopes, the Observing Handbook and Catalogue of Deep Sky Objects, Turn Left at Orion, Night Watch, Deep Sky Companion: The Messier Objects, S&T's Double Stars for Small Telescopes, S&T's Celestial Sampler, the three-volume Burnham's set, and a hand full of older observing books from the 1960's when I was a kid.

However, I can say in all honesty that the book I enjoy using the most (and the most useful one to have available at the telescope) is your little observers guide. It has everything I want in an easy to use format and a compact package. It is just a well thought out piece of work and I thank you for having taken the time to put it together in the form that you did. It is nearly perfect in size, variety, and comprehensiveness, and it is easy to use. What more could one ask for?

Ronald Brandolini

This is my second copy of your book; the other is the 4th edition. This new edition is so much better. I especially like the section on features of The Moon to observe on the various days of the Lunar Cycle.

Your guide is the best observing guides available for amateur astronomers.

Bob Patrick

I always recommend this book. it stays PERMANENTLY with me in my eyepiece bag! I like it for:
– Arrangement by Constellation
– Small size and lays flat on table- heavy duty cover pages
– Black & white printing
– Brighter objects shown across the page from the Constellation map, with descriptions.

Personally I think this is the best field manual for a suburban observation site, and the best one for someone new to the Astronomy hobby.

GREAT FIELD MANUAL! Thank you! In my opinion,
it is THE best book to use with a GOTO scope!

Joe Lalumia
Rockwall, Texas (on Cloudy Nights.com)

I have 10,000 observing guides,
but few list the information
in such a handy form as yours.

Mark Cornell

Well Peter... the mail man deposited your book in my mailbox a few hours ago.

First impression before even getting back to the house was that it definitely was not a book, more like a pamphlet.

Once I opened the package in the house I was delighted to see my initial impression go up like the proverbial puff of smoke... this "Pamphlet" just may very well be useful.

I just finished leafing thru your "work" (not a pamphlet) for a little over an hour and I gotta tell you: I'm Impressed.

This baby is a keeper... and it did not take me long to discover that it's is going to end up in my eyepiece case (under the foam in the top of the case) so I will always have it at hands' length, never out of reach... no matter if I am viewing from inside my observatory or from the lawn or attending a Star Party.

Just wanted to let you know how first impressions can and sometimes are very misleading.

FIELDBOOK.... yep, it's a FIELDBOOK.

My money was WELL SPENT... and I sincerely THANK YOU.

Bob Griffiths

Went out last weekend to the darksite
and started finding galaxies for the first time
using your book and Sky Atlas 2000.
Thanks again for a great book
that still surprises and impresses me,

Eric Abbott

Last week I received a copy of Objects in the Heavens. It’s the most exciting and useful field guide/atlas I have ever used. Hard to believe so much information could be packed into a little book. I have The Pocket Sky Atlas and now teamed up with “OITH” is magical. I feel like I have an astronomer friend standing at my side guiding me to the beauty of the heavens.
Thank you for your hard work and bring this WONDERFUL book to the public!

Jim Abenante

Thank you so much for your most excellent guide. I took it out for a spin on Saturday to get myself prepped for a 3-day star party next weekend. Using your guide, I had the most rewarding viewing experience I've had since I purchased my telescope.
This guide was a joy to use
, and I am really looking forward to my upcoming star party now.

Heather S.
San Jose CA

This book is not a replacement for your favorite star atlas. It’s not a replacement for your favorite reference material. It’s your “quick and dirty” way to sit at the telescope, not have a lot of other reference material around, and have a list of objects to view, brief information about those objects, and have it presented to you in a format where you can easily move from one to the next. There are many nights where this is the only reference I bring to the telescope. Add a better sketch book, a moon map, and you’re in business!

(author note: the Moon part of your comment has been addressed with OITHv5)

Chris Ragaisis
(Average Joe Chris, amateur astronomer)
Milwaukee, WI

I want to let you know how satisfied I am with the purchase. This is by far the
best organized quick reference guide I have ever used
It has become a permanent part of our observing gear.
Thanks for what I can only imagine was an enormous amount of work
putting such a great reference together!

Dave Wayne

Most astro books sit on the shelves gathering dust,
but yours is a true hobbiest book.

Sergio Zoruba

I really like the book!! I've been using it as a tool to decide what objects I may want to image with my modified Vesta. I've used a few "observing lists" in the past, but this book has a much larger selection of objects beyond the Messier Catalog.
Features that I really like: the indexes of Messier, NGC, Major Stars and Named Objects (indispensable)... having the sizes of objects listed really helps in determining what I might image and what configuration of reducer/barlow to use... the spiral binding that allows the book to lay flat.
I intend to show my Beginning Astronomy students the book and let them know that I think it is a great value for the $$.

Steve Barkes
College Astronomy Professor

It has made all my previous pocket guides
and tedious lists pretty much obsolete.

I offer my congratulations for compiling it
and thanks for getting it published.

Dave Howes

I love your book. Absolutely wonderful thing to add to the astronomy toolkit.

Gary Brown

Very much impressed. This little book has it all and is of use and benefit to any level star gazer. Great job in the format and layout. I like the binocular symbol usage and the brief description or notable of each listed object with space for notes. In the back of book: Messier catalog along with listing by type, NGC list, info on stars and dates of meteor showers, plus charts!!! Simple to use, well organized, easy to understand, everything needed right at your fingertips in portable size. You have definitely filled a void and this book will be greatly appreciated in the hands of anyone wanting to expand their search of the heavens. This book is a "Must" for any interested astronomer of any degree.

Rockne Berge

Some people can be *very* wordy, so I really do appreciate the terseness in your efforts. I can always search for more details (books, internet), yet I often want *just* enough to help find things without the trouble of creating special viewing lists for each evening - it's less work and unexpected partial cloud banks are more easily accommodated using OITH.

Jim Kaminski

Having read your book, I'm feeling motivated to get outside with my telescope and do some observing, weather permitting! I loved the page which shows declination and right ascension. It's an excellent explanation, especially with the images. You've done great with the star charts too. Very impressive.

Alistair Thomson
Nottingham, England

OITH gets better each time I use it.

Bernie Rusnock

OITH is a great viewing companion.
I find it hard to use the large field atlases
at the telescope so this will fill a much needed void...
something you can hold in one hand.

Ray Fobes

Several months ago, when you made a presentation about your book at a meeting, I was impressed. Later that evening at pizza, I asked if any of the fellows at one table had the book, and several of them said they did. Unanimously, they spoke highly of its usefulness. Thereafter, I have been pursuing its availability at a meeting we would both attend.
It's a terrific resource. You have blended so many essential elements for planning a night of observing in any season with your obvious hands-on experience as a dedicated observer, that the value is manifold. The way it's organized, and the information imparted in a manageable space is insightful.
Congratulations on making it happen. Cheery skies,

Jerry Chern
Northwest Suburban Astronomers

I'm sorry, but my copy of Objects In the Heavens is going to be destroyed. I will wear this thing out by taking it with me on all of my observing sessions and using it until it falls apart.

Mike Lynch
Frankfort KY

The mag 10 approach adds many objects to my viewing lists even though I use an 18" Dob as my primary viewing scope. Thanks for the effort which went into developing it.

Bob Polcyn

I was preparing to research quite a few thicker books and compile such a collection of handy info for myself, now it looks like I can spend more time doing real observing.

Yi-Cheng Liu


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