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Flying-Related Links
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See page 2 - club and school listings by state and country


These are websites of, by and for the whole flying community. They're set up by category as much as possible. If you have links that are not included here or other suggestions, please send 'em to PeterB. If you find any that are no longer useful, let me know.

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Last updated: January 28, 2019


Great Lakes weather - Gives you the current readings and for the past 3 hours.

Dr Jack Glendenning's Thermal Strength weather maps - BLIPMAP
SKEW-T weather -interactive, Java-based plot
SKEW-T instructions - (on Sonoma Wings site)

NOAA Cmet has soundings, stability graphs and wind charts among other things.
USAIRNET - forecasted winds aloft - EXCELLENT!
USAIRNET - Launch Code weather... EXCELLENT! My favorite.
LANDINGS WEATHER - Everything weather

rap.ucar.edu - images from GOES-12 and GOES-10 satellites
weather records - weather archives back to 1950



Visible Earth (NASA)
USA Today - Atmospheric science resources
The above have good basics (per Davis Straub and others)

www.merlyn.demon.co.uk/gravity6.htm- Gravity drive the tides
vortex.plymouth.edu/clouds - Clouds
atmos.uiuc.edu/(Gh)/guides/mtr/cld - more clouds
Thermal profiles in color - several simulations
RC-SOAR - Thermals



Red's Advice Page - read all the way through, there's something for everyone.
Site Records - US sites
WINGS & WHEELS newsletter archive - great info!

Animated knots - learn to tie them the easy way

Flight game
Canyon Glider
Drone Equipment
Drone Info and Blog

RC aircraft and drones, lots of great info
FPV (First Person View) Quadcopters and headsets

MIT on-line free courses; this link is for Aeronautics and Astronautics, other courses available.
HP on-line learning center

E-Mail lists
The International Towing List

Flying stuff for the disabled - flying wheelchairs, etc. (UK-based)

Fort Funston to sell/wanted - listings good for 90 days
topA FLYERS ad page

The (Lift) Hunter by John Reynoldson

PHOTOS - from space, from gliders
Hang Gliding Posters and Prints at Barewalls
FOTO-SEARCH – Hang-Gliding Photos at Foto Search
Offers over 900 thousand images in its extensive online archive, including photography, clipart, illustrations, footage, and maps free of charge.
Can Stock Photo - Sister company to Foto-Search; has 1000 hang gliding pix.
SPACE STATION - Zoom in anywhere on Earth, download any of hundreds of photos taken from space. Views of your next cross-country flight route, eh?
topOZONE - USGS DRG topographic maps for the entire US, accessible by latitude/longitude or feature name, are now available for free
NASA Photos - satellite pictures of many places of the earth, and some special weather effects. Download either low or high resolution

Aviation/airplane Insurance
Great SEWING info - from sailboat sailmakers
Sewing supplies

SPUD GUN - A super site with links to quite a few others. Some sell their stuff and others provide plans. Have a BLAST! (and this is useful?)

See page 2 - club and school listings by state and country


Safety-comes-first - Read if you feel flying is Safe!

Betty Pfeiffer chute clinic video.
Other chute video links and PDF information at this page (on this site)


People and Stories

Davis Straub
- OZ Report
Red's advice for new pilots

Video of Miller Stroud foot-launching his ATOS
using 2 Linknife Releases with an over/under bridle.

KEN DE RUSSY - EXCELLENT stories and news articles
Rik Baumeester's home page (Wisconsin pilot)
The Vince Report - Flight narrative and photos from Vince Endter
ELLEFSON - Norwegian HG pilot - news, photos, links, stories
Terry from Toronto - personal site with photos
Dave Kinlan's page

ATV towing in a stadium (PG)
Cluster Balloons - Helium balloons for personal "flight", down to a science

Midwest Clubs

Hang Glide Chicago - ENJOY FIELD, west of Chebanse IL (south of Kankakee)

Whitewater WI - club site. Whitewater is the site of the highest flight in Region 7 – 9800'agl – set by Jeff Nielsen in 1997. Located some 60 miles west of Lake Michigan, it's not as influenced by the lake winds as Bong, but when the convergence sets up, there's no telling how high you'll get or how long you'll be up. The towing club is formed up and requires annual dues plus per-flight tow fees.

Ohio Flyers

A simple search on the USHPA public website will turn up more nation-wide.


"Red's" advice for new pilots - MUST READ
Portal for pilot wannabe's
- GoHangGliding.com
Aerobatics article by John Heiney

SECTIONALS and airspace explained
Comment from Doug McCleary:
Sectionals are available on-line (and for free). I use SeeYou and download the sectionals for it from www.seeyou.si. In additional to the sectionals, SeeYou displays airspace in a vector format which is quite a bit easier to use and is in three dimensions.
FAR103 explained - every pilot MUST know this stuff
Becoming a Pilot - career path advice for students

All the main tow manuals of the world are on the Towing List web page. Join up!
Canadian Towing Manual
Basic How To Start HG article in India (in English)

Site Records by state - by John Borton

LANDING animation - good side view of how to and how not to land
LANDING - Greg DeWolf's 1986 article "Returning to Earth" (follow links to Mag Articles)

legstrap - Don't Forget Your Legstraps! Too funny!

How Gliders Fly
The Parts of an Airplane
Some Aircraft History
A Guide to Airplane Parts and Flight History (thanks Amy and Ms Ward's class)
Aviation Careers – Part of "Learn how to become..." series

airfraid.com/ (comfy flight socks)
flyana.com/ (Diana's great tips)

bar top

Museums and Historical

Sonoma Wings journals from 1981 -Ralph Hyde's archival project

Glider Bible - trying to "register" every glider made (French site, the page is in English)
Glider comparisons - CTHGA page site
First Hang Glider meet
, May 23, 1971 (especially humorous when the police showed up)

Flight-History is dedicated to capturing aviation history; archives feature a growing collection of photographs, stories and aircraft specifications. Site includes aviation artwork of several artists.

Abandoned airfields across the USA (very interesting)

Wright Brothers Airplane Company
Wright Brothers Info - historical information
Gustav Whitehead - helped the Wrights
Reinhold Platz - early Dutch aviator (Dominique Jorand's site)

See page 2 - club and school listings by state and country


USHPA - USHPA's main page
CANADA HPAC - main association for Canada

Experimental Aircraft Association - Associations Section, these guys are key in FAA-NPRM Sport Pilot proposal!
EAA Airventure Museum
Sun-N-Fun - Lakeland FL

National Aeronautic Association
US Ultralight Association
DHV - German Association
AUSTRALIA - HG Fed of Australia
AeroSports Connection
Soaring Society of America

FAI - everything you wanted to know about the politics of aviation
FAI Hang Gliding pages

UL Sailplanes

The SparrowHawk - UL Class
The APIS WR - Light Class
Marske - Flying Wings
The Bug and Goat - Mike Sandlin's Basic Ultralight Glider


HG Businesses

LINKNIFE TOW RELEASE - Your favorite webmaster highly recommends this release!
TowMeUp.com - Stuart Caruk builds payout winches and boats for towing
Dave Kinlan's payout winch - Netherlands
SPECTRA towline - 11 companies on Thomas Register

JOHN POP - maker of the T-Dolly
Tribal Flight WB-PY-H pay-out winch

Scooter Towing (Dave Broyles) This page is his "Copzilla" variation

Catch the Wind Kites - for weaklink material. The RHGPA uses 130 pound test braided dacron kite string tied with a grapevine knot for average-size pilots.


- Gliders and Gear -

MOJOS GEAR - Catalog source for all sorts of HG and PG stuff
ANGLE OF ATTACK - Attack Tubes - great downtubes only $37.50
Mountain High - O2 Systems
WINDSOK - Custom Aviation Windsocks
Glider comparisons - CTHGA page site
Downtube clamp with longball-end tube from CA Power Systems
FREE FLIGHT GEAR - Icaro helmets and other HG/PG gear

NOTE: Please let me know if you find any links
that aren't working. Thanks. <email>

Aeriane - Swift
Airborne - Facebook
Finsterwalder & Charly
Flight Design
Icaro 2000
Icaro Wings
La Mouette
Metamorfosi - Italian chutes and gliders
Moyes - Facebook
Northwings - Facebook
UP Gliders - Joe Spinney 619-933-2211
Wills Wing - Facebook

Glider store
Kitty Hawk Kites - hang gliders (new and used), glider accessories, and training manuals. All easy online ordering.

FLYTEC - needs "Flash" to see the page
MALLATTEC - Audio-only

HiEnergy HARNESSES - Betty Pfeiffer
QUANTUM Parachutes


Radio Stuff
MODS.DK - All kinds of radio modifications
QRZ Mods - more radio mods
ANTENNAS: J-Pole plans (pdf)

Latest info on GPS devices
The GPS Store

Test yourself to prepare for the exams
ARRL everything you need to get started
Testing 1
- FAA and FCC practice tests
Testing 2 - Online training for the ham radio written exams ($)
Testing 3 - Online testing site
On-line store for ham books and other radio stuff

RENEW your license (ARRL)
Go to the "FCC ULS" link and from there, click on "online filing", click on CORES, apply for an FRN number. Then return to the OLS filing page to complete renewal. It's a bit of a pain, but once you have the number, you're set for 10 years, and besides, they want everyone to register anyway.

Batteries America - 800/308-4805... all types of batteries
Amateur Electronic Supply - on-line catalog, overnight shipping

Other hardware

Macintosh CompeGPS Software - http://gpsy.com/ http://www.macgpspro.com/



Objects in the Heavens - Peter Birren's deep-sky fieldbook and viewing list for small telescopes and binoculars, now on the 5th Edition. Good for use with computer-driven scopes, too.

Astronomy Picture of the Day - worth visiting daily and following their links to learn a whole lot, a little bit at a time. I highly recommend it.
View the universe within 5 million light years
Astronomy.com - lots of stuff here
Solar System Simulator

Southwest (Chicago) Astronomy Observers Group - 2-meter: 145.43 Thursdays @ 8:30pm on the DuPage IL Repeater
NW Suburban Astronomers - near Chicago
Lake County IL Astronomical Society - great articles on all aspects of astronomy. Lots of topics and a great start point for beginners.
Chicago Astronomical Society - sponsors of AstroFest
"Cloudy Nights" discussion forums for all things astronomical

Telescope Reviews - read before buying a telescope; lots of good info to help you make an informed decision
Astromart - Used equipment/classifieds

Beginners guide to Astrophotography at Hobby Help


Madison, Wisconsin Iceboat Club - (this looks like a great time)

Harry Martin cartoons


Jim Bynum's HG video and photos - 400MB of movies and 35MB of photos.
YOU TUBE - HG videos
Free Art featuring hang gliding, hang gliders and more searches

Tim Conrardy - electronic tunes - new age, jazz and more.

Books, Toys, Miscellaneous
ByDanJohnson.com- Long-time contributor to HG Magazine with articles always on the back page.
WHAT!! A FLYING RABBIT?? Real nice kid's book about HG

BOB WANDER - Aviation Books
GIBBOGEAR.COM - Mark Gibson's operation in Winter Haven FL
POLYFIBER - for adhesives and other aircraft stuff

HG Models - 1/5 scale Radio Controlled HG models
ZING WINGS - Cool glider toy
BLOKART- a land sailer that folds to fit in a car

Aviation Survival Gear (not to survive the flight but for outlandings)
Landing Streamer - from Ernie Comacho
RE-PUBLISHED OLD BOOKS - from Mike Markowski, including Jack Lamb's book

See page 2 - club and school listings by state and country

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